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From The Desk Of
Robert Norton

Have you been experiencing little response from your advertising campaigns , not making many sales , and feeling disappointed about the lack of response to your marketing ?

Have you ever thought that there must be a better way to make money online as an affiliate or webmaster that doesn't involve a steep learning curve , or paying out a small fortune ?

Don't despair There IS A WAY .

Promoting your business online can be a daunting task if you don't have much experience or knowledge of the available methods of advertising and the strategies that really work .

You might know which strategies don't work , which is helpful , but unless you undertake a pile of testing and tweaking , analysing statistics and laying out money to try out your ad copy and salespage to get a good response , you're wasting time and effort .

Today We Have A Productive Solution That You Can Easily Implement To Make More Sales And Much More MONEY !

SplashPageBuilder was developed to provide a much-needed service to anyone that has something to promote that want more from their promotional efforts . By utilising the popularity and undeniable success of using splash pages in promotions, we've clearly seen how well they work to increase ROI in advertising campaign .

You might have seen some affiliate programs that provide a simple splash page for you to promote , but imagine having total control over the look and feel of your splash page without the need of graphic design or copywriting skills !

You could literally save a fortune by using our splash page building system that provides you with access to these benefits and much more .

How do you know if you need to use our service ? That's easy SplashPageBuilder splash page building system works exceptionally well for many types of marketers including :

  • Affiliates that want to go that little bit extra to gain more of the untapped market .
  • Product developers that have a product or service they want extra exposure for .
  • Webmasters with an affiliate program that want to provide more marketing options to their affiliates to attract more new members .
  • Network marketers that want to funnel prospects into an autoresponder system to be followed up with automatically .
  • Prospectors that want to generate good quality leads for their own program or to sell online .
  • Ezine publishers that want to build their subscriber list .

  • Whether you fit into any of those categories or not , our system is worthwhile joining because it's absolutely FREE to get started !

    We offer free and pro membership to our members and our pre-made splash page templates to choose from .

    Using our system is so easy , a child could do it ! Simply add the name you'd like for the splash page , choose a template , fill out the formatting form , and add an image . Enter the headings and subheadings you'd like to use , and click a button to generate your new splash page .

    We'll Even Host Your Splash Pages For You !

    Wow ! That's something you didn't expect right ? It doesn't matter where you are located in the world , we can host your splash pages for you on our secure web server . Let us take care of the hosting fees , uptime and maintenance , while you do more important things ; like building a list and making more money !

    Splash pages are an extremely powerful tool that work to build your business and so much more . If you haven't used splash pages in your marketing strategy , you really should so you can see why they're so popular .

    Splash pages are :

  • Eye-catching with colourful images .
  • Attention-grabbing with headlines that stand out in large font .
  • Short and sweet, stating what you want without taking up too much space .
  • Powerful list builders when you include autoresponder form code .
  • Great for including bulleted benefit lists , and so much more....

  • Most splash pages are a little longer than the first fold size of a computer screen., and get the message you want to impart across to your customer instantly.. With our system., the best part is that it's quick and easy to create a splash page for any program or all of the programs that you're promoting .

    Why not try out our system for yourself , and see just how easy it really is to setup a great looking splash page today ?

    Free members can create 3 splash pages for no cost , and you can view , edit and delete the splash pages as you desire . You can also edit the settings at any time to make any changes you wish as they're required .

    There's no doubt that this system is a must-have tool for any serious marketer that wants to extend their leverage over the competition .

    Click the link below to signup free now and get started ! We look forward to welcoming you on the other side .


    To Your Success !

    Sincerely ,

    Robert Norton
    Owner / Admin

    PS . It's a proven fact that splash pages work to increase opt-ins , sales , subscribers , and profits . Which one of those things would you like the most ? All of them ? Fine , scroll back up and signup for a free account now !

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