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Mike Miller, Admin

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Hi Guys,
We like to do things a little different on our sites.
We have never been a fan of only 2 or 3 people winning a contest.

For everyone who refers 25 people to The All New Amethyst Ads.
We will promote whatever opportunity you are promoting for you.

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We will use your link, your ad (Unless you want us to help you with it)
and we will promote it hard.

Here is what promoting a site HARD is to us:

Solo Ads
Super Solo Ads
Admin Emails
Viral Mailers
Your Banner on our check in pages
Your ad sent out to over 200 Traffic Sites

There is no limit on this. For every 25 people you refer to The All New Amethyst Ads -
We Will Promote For your Opportunity for an entire day.

We will use the numbers under the Referral Contest Page to determine when you win.
When you win you just have send us a help message with all the information, ad, links banner, etc.

It normally takes us about a day and a half to get thru all our sources.
We will devote that time to helping you because you are helping us.

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